Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fasting and Prayer Really Work!

To all of us that fasted and prayed for Jordan, as her grandmother, I want to thank all of you. I visited Jordan today at the hospital. The surgery was done on Sunday morning. We were there to see her before her surgery. Grandpa and Uncle Matt gave her a Priesthood blessing. She looked so brave. We walked with her to the OR and then waited for the next 6 hours until the surgery was completed. They found and repaired a hole the size of a quarter.
We were there when they wheeled her back to her room. She was asleep, on a ventilator and had at least 4 chest tubes and it seemed a jillion IV's delivering all sorts of meds and fluids. She was totally sedated and asleep.

Just two days later, here is a picture that I took today. Notice her huge smile, and she is sitting up and even eating real food. Yes, your prayers and fasting were worth it. She still has a way to go before she comes home, but she is trying with all her might to come home as soon as possible.

What Really Matters!

There are no pictures with this blog, just some of my feelings and thoughts. Sometimes in life you have something happen to you that makes you step back and just look at things and think a bit about what life is all about.
With the recent illness and sickness of my grandaughter, Jordan, I have had moments that have made me realize what is really important in this life. Life is all about relationships--with those I live with, with those that are my friends, with my neighbors, with those I meet on the street or the store. It is about my relationship with Heavenly Father.
One of the only thing that I will take me when I leave this life, is the relationships that I have made with others. Those bonds of love and friendship will be with me always. It doesn't matter how much money I made, or great wordly accomplishments. It just doesn't matter what color my hair is, or how many dresses I have in my closet.
It does matter how I have loved and shared myself with those around me. It matters how I speak to and treat others. It does matter that I say I love you, and thank you, and please. It does matter if I spend the time to know and love my Heavenly Father.
This special time watching Jordan go through this terrile trial, has made me stand in awe of her strengths and her courage. It has made me realize how fragile life is. That it is a gift from God. There is no way to know when my time here on Earth will be over. I so need to love and live each day to the best.
I am so thankful that I have a testimony of Jesus Christ. That there is a purpose to life, and that there is a life after death. As I think about all this, and the trials that are here, it makes the Plan more clear. I just pray that I can face the challenges that will be ahead of me with as much patience, courage, and faith as Jordan has.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


An old Western town, that one can go to and get a bit of a feel for Western living. We went with about a couple thousand others. A bit crowded, but still fun.

Here we are ready to board the ole stage coach. Only problem, no horses attached.
A pie eating contest was very fun to watch. I may never view cherry pie quite the same.

It was a birthday celebration. They made this 300 lb cake that they were going to cut and serve later in the day.

Phoenix Open Golf Tournament!

In all my years of doing things, I have never imagined myself at a golf tournament. Why that seemed so silly to stand there and watch some men hit a golf ball. Well, we happened to be here when this huge tournament was held. The weather was unusually cold and the tournament became delayed due to the frosty greens in the mornings. So they had to go an extra day, and on Monday, the tournament was free. Well, free sounded just fine, so off we went. Arrived early, and it was chilly, notice the coats and sweatshirts.

A most beautiful and lush golf course. I like to golf, because I love to walk around the green golf courses.

I even learned some of the names. This is "Fowler". A very young, fun golfer to watch.

Here we watched the leading foursome come into the stadium surrounding hole # 16. Wilson, 2 Gloves Gainey, and Hass. After a very fun morning, I would absolutely go again. I have become quite the golf fan.

Cliff Dwellings.

These are the Tonto Indian Cliff Dwellings by Globe Arizona. We parked far below and hiked up a fairly steep trail through a most beautiful desert landscape.
It was amazing to me to see the evidence of the Indian culture that was built so many centuries ago.

Don't know how to turn us around. But here we are standing inside of one of the large rooms of the dwelling.

One of the original pieces of Indian art found in the ruins. Very amazing, the skill they had. We loved going here. We have such a difficult time surviving in the desert with all of our conveniences, and they did it, living with what they had around them to use.

Western Art Museum!

We went to the Basha Western Art Museum in Chandler. Totally free of charge and one of the most wonderful collections of Western Art. These are Indian baskets. I have never seen a larger or more beautiful collection.

There was room after room of wonderful paintings and bronze sculptures of the West. Really beautiful.

This room was full of Kachina dolls from the Hopi Indians. These represent the Gods and Spirits that are present in every part of the world around us. Amazing. There is no way to even try to do justice to all the art. It took several hours to look at everything.

Snowflake Temple!

We are home now, but I now have access to a computer to share some of our trips and adventures. We loved the Snowflake temple. It sits high on a hill and can be seen for miles.
It is in North Eastern Arizona, and sits out on a high plains area. It very much has an American Indian theme. The waterfall was not running as it was in the winter.

If you get a chance, by all means put this on your agenda.