Friday, October 4, 2013

Families on the Mountain!

     Friday  afternoons on the mountain saw a transformation take place.  The girls would board their busses; some sleepy, some with  tears in their eyes, and some with shouts of joy as they head home to soft, comfy beds, and long, luxurious showers.  We would wave goodbye to them often with tears in our eyes.
     The magical hour of 2pm would come, and with it a stream of cars coming through the welcome center and down the parkway,  These cars were filled with families and groups coming in to use the camp on the weekends. Families of all shapes and sizes would come for reunions.  Groups of every description would come for retreats, father and sons outings, relief society retreats, youth conferences, etc.  The 2500 teenage girls would be traded for 2500 new campers ranging from newborn babies to young adults to grandmas and grandpas.
     Down at the Lake the squeals of teenage girls were traded for the sounds of small children and babies.   Children filled the sandbox and sandcastles were soon created.
Little boys could always find fun things to do with a stick. . .dreams of catching that "big one".  And what day could be better than being at the lake with your buddies.

The families were soon lined up at the dock, ready for their water adventure--to go on a canoe or paddle boat.
We loved seeing children boating with their grandparents . . .
 Families having fun together on the lake.. . .
Cousins boating with cousins...
 And of course those, adults always followed the rules like, "Please don't stand up in your boats".
Families and groups brought many challenges, they were much less structured than the girls.  They would pretty much show up whenever, (not on time). But they wanted the same thing, the opportunity to experience this beautiful lake, have fun, and have opportunities to bond together.  One grandmother celebrated her 92nd birthday by going in a paddle boat.  A couple celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary there on the lake. Young men tipped their canoes in their efforts to prove how "expert" they were.
When the day was done we would return to our RV"s knowing we had done a good job, that our boaters had been safe, they had a wonderful time, and we had brought some joy into their lives. 


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Humanitarian Projects!

    Sometimes at camp, we have spare time. During our spare time a project we can be actively involved with is making things for  what are called "Humanitarian projects".  The camp is closely associated with a group called "Hearts Knit Together".  They put together kits for women and children who are victims of domestic violence and are forced to flee with their homes and arrive at shelters often with nothing but the clothes on their backs.  Each child is given a bag with a blanket, a stuffed animal, a hat, a scarf a book, or perhaps a game.  Older children are given supplies for school. Women are given hats, scarfs, shampoo, etc.  Bags are made up of baby supplies, etc. Each month they distribute over 2000 kits.
     I knew of the project since I was here last year, so during the winter I gathered animals and books from the Kohls for Kids products and added fleece for a blanket to match.  So I came to camp prepared with my stuff.  One of our sisters, Pam Taylor, here at the camp fell and broke her hip in the first few weeks .  I visited her as a friend and a nurse and discovered that she loved to crochet .  She needed projects to keep her busy, and so we bonded together and I provided the books and "critters". She made the most darling hats and scarves for each set, and even a scarf for the critters.   Through our efforts we made over 10 kits.   It was wonderful.  I gathered a new friend.  She was able to do things while she was not able to get around, and the children were blessed with our gifts.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Values and Colors

              One of the main purposes of our camp is to help all those who come draw closer to our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. As one drives into the camp, they are greeted by a row of banners each a different color.  A  very striking entrance.  But, do these banners have meaning?  Is there a reason each banner is a different color; white, blue, green, red, orange, purple, yellow, and gold?

                The colors stand for the “Young Women’s Values”.  Each value is represented by a different color:  Faith-white;  Divine Nature-Blue; Individual Worth-red; Knowledge-green; Choice and Accountability-orange; Good Works-yellow; Integrity-purple; and Virtue-gold.

                These colors are carried out in all their activities.  The different young women’s groups often wear t-shirts  showing these colors and showing their camp theme.  For the youth in the church a theme was chosen for the year.  It is “Stand Ye In Holy Places and Be Not Moved”.  This theme was carried out in all their camp activities.

                Often as  the girls walked to the lake, their reflection would be in the lake, showing these wonderful value colors.
 At the Lake one of  the focal points was a large planter filled with flowers and surrounded by flags displaying the special colors.  If we can touch even a few young women’s hearts while they are here, our purpose has indeed been met.