Saturday, August 21, 2010

The last Leg of the Adventure

The beauty of the Northern Great Plains as we headed into North Dakota.

The International Peace Gardens on the border of Canada and US. Beautiful!

Going over the Bear Tooth Pass into Yellowstone.

Of course we had to see this grand old park.

Our grandson, Jaden, loved all the hot pools, mud pots and of course Old Faithful.
It has been a grand adventure, literally traveling from border to border. But we were able to visit all of our children , family, and friends. We marveled at the beauty of our country and how blessed we are by the Lord. We were able to visit with our grandson, Taylor, who is serving with the National Guard in Afganistan, and was home on leave.
We were thankful that we were able to make this trip, and now we are glad to be home to just be in our house and here in quiet, small Grantsville, Utah. There is no place like home.

The Middle of our Summer Adventure.

This part of our trip started out with visiting Hoover Dam and standing with the new bridge in the background.

After a night in Kingman, Arizona we then headed to the Grand Canyon. What an amazing place.

Family reunion for the McBrides, my first cousins, was our next destination. We stayed with Ken and Judy and had a wonderful time visiting with cousins, some not seen for 49 years.

We loved the Arizona cactus, even if it is sideways.

Our next bridge was at Page, over the Glen Canyon Dam.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our Summer Adventure Continues!

North Dakota is amazing! I never thought the great plains could be so beautiful.
Steve and his oldest son, Gregg. They had a great time as horse shoe buddies.

Steve and grandson, Dakota. Turned 15 while we were there.

Heated game of "Spoons".

Jaden and his cousin Lucas were inseparable. They played from the minute they awoke, until midnight or later each day.
More pictures to come. It was a great trip.