Wednesday, July 3, 2013

And . . .They Tip Over!

     When one works on a lake launching campers into paddle boats and canoes there is one thing that is for certain . . . a certain percentage will tip over . . .and they do!  We caution them in our orientation about tipping over.  We give them wonderful guidelines on how to canoe and to avoid tip overs.  But  . . .it just happens.  Over they go.  There is no one factor, but it usually follows a pattern.

                                                                           1. First, they splash.

                                                                                   2.  Then they tip.

                                                                           3.  Rescue comes next  for . . .


              The Canoe

    The evidence of a busy day on the lake is displayed with honor on our horse shoe pit fence.  There are the life vests of at least 9 tip overs.  That makes about 27 rescued and brought to shore.  It is one of the fun  and interesting parts of our assignment.  There are probably more adults that tip over than youth.  Our record # of tip overs in one day is 12 canoes.

And life goes on at Heber Valley Camp, and we love it!