Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Here we are all loaded up and ready to go!  We pulled out in a light rain.
 Here we are set up in "Cowboy Village".  It at the Heber Valley Rodeo Grounds.  Kinda muddy, not fancy, but, hey, we're on a mission.  There are about 60 other couples staying here in RV's.
 This looks a little official.  This is on the road going up to the camp.  Yep, I am still wearing clothes I wore on the mission to Argentina.  This was taken after our first day of training.
 This is Legacy Lake.  It is beautiful and serene.  The camp is so beautiful.  There is still snow on the hills and between the trees.  Can you imagine this lake filled with about 120 girls on canoes and paddle boats.
 Yep, Grandpa Steve does do work, already.  He worked with some of the other Elders and helped move canoes and paddleboats.
 All loaded up with arm loads of uniforms.  We are so excited.  We love it so far.  Everyone we have met is just as excited and happy as we are.