Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our Mission Call

The big white envelope arrived while we were on our trip to Washington DC. Steve's son, Randall opened it, and we received our call long distance-via the phone. "You have been called to serve in the Argentina, Mendoza Mission". We hadn't even thought of South America. We immediately got out the maps and globes to see exactly where we were going. We have been on the internet many times learning about Argentina and about Mendoza.
Our assignment: Well, I was called as a Medical Advisor to care for the full-time missionaries, and Steve was called as an assistant to the Medical Advisor. That leaves lots of room for guessing what his duties will be.
We arrived home to find phone calls from our mission president, President Lindall, and from Elder and Hermana Quist, senior missionaries serving there now. They were so excited about our call. President Lindall said, "Can you come now!"
Then the work started. Visas, immunizations, and trips to the MTC twice a week for our Spanish tutoring. Our Tutor is the best. He is Carlos, from Mexico City. We have been shopping--luggage, white shirts, lap top computer, journals, an MP3 player for our music, and the biggest challenge has been to find summer clothes here in Utah in the Winter. When we arrive it will be the middle of summer.
But we are excited, nervous, stressed, thrilled, and a little scared. What an adventure lies ahead of us. Our Mission Farewell is December 28th, and we enter the MTC on January 5th. We should be headed to Argentina about the 15th of January.
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