Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snowbirding #1.

This is what our house looked like as we headed out. 12 degrees. It stayed frozen until we reached St. George, then the ice melted off the truck and trailer.

Our favorite camping place, Valley of Fire. There was even a huge big horn sheep there to greet us.

Next stop Cottonwood Cove on the Colorado River.

A brief stop in Laughlin, just so Steve could see it. Had a great icecream cone.

A Joshua tree forest outside of a desert town, called Searchlight. We are so loving the sun and the warm weather. Our next stop, Phelan and a visit with Mike and Kasey.

Snowbirding #2

We were there to celebrate #10 with Abi. What fun! She is a special grandaughter.

Then we cheered Kade on in his soccer tournament. They lost, but you know, the fun part was watching him play. The name of their team was the Rusty Zombies--orange shirt, and 9 year old boys. Makes sense.

The desert out by Quartzite. What an adventure. Shopping til you drop.

Steve found a few minutes to read a good book.

Next step, checking into our apartment.