Monday, October 31, 2011


Being in Douglas, Arizona for my 50th High School Class Reunion, we decided to spend a few extra days and go with Ken and Judy down to their fishing village on the shores of Lake Novillo.  Well, after all these years of living right on the Mexican Border, I finally get to travel into the interior.  I was excited.  This village is about a five hour drive south of the border.  We stopped at the border, obtained visas, and away we went.  I loved the drive, through small, sleepy Mexican towns and villages; along winding mountain roads, and through valleys filled with agriculture.  All along the toad there were definite signs we were in Mexico:  . . .

Little donkeys
And dusty roads, adobe walls, and small humble homes.  It was the chili harvest and we were greeted with roadside stands selling bright red Mexican chili peppers.
Lake Novillo is a man made lake, and as the waters rose the villagers had to move to higher ground to save their homes.  They were not able, however, to move their ancient, old cathedral, built in the 1600's, nor were they able to move their cemetery.  Most of the time these are buried  under the lake, but once in a while when the water level is down, the cemetery appears as does the crumbling walls of the cathedral.  We were able to go and touch and see the cathedral and marvel at the centuries old workmanship still standing.  Walking in the graveyard that was under water was eerie, but amazing.

Our purpose in going was bass fishing.  And fish we did!  Judy took most of the fishing pictures which I do not have at this time.  Here is a photo of my brother, Ken and his tilapia.  He was such a patient mentor and teacher as he took these very novice bass fishermen and showed us the ropes.  We probably caught about 30 bass/day.  The amazing thing, we would return to hour home in the evening and the villagers would come and take our fish and soon bring them back all cleaned, filleted and ready to eat.  What a deal.

On our way back to the States we took another road that followed the trail of the Franciscan Padres. We were able to stop and view at least 5 of the missions that they established in the 1600's. All of

 them still standing and preserved and still in use.  This was one of my very favorites.  Each cathedral is found in the center of the village or town across from the town plaza.
Then it was back to the border .  Our last view of Mexico and their flags flying for a recent fiesta.
What an great adventure into our neighbor to the south.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Garden Harvest

I am certain you have all been waiting on pins and needles to see how our square foot garden did. Well, sorry I have been so late in getting this on the blog. You see I have been so busy harvesting . . .or at least this can be an excuse.
This is an average day picking. We had so many zuchinni and cucumbers all the neighbors were kept in good supply.

This is my first venture at pressure canning. The green beans were the best. Only had a problem with the canner, the lid stuck and I couldn't get the jars out. Finally I did, but I was afraid I would have to use dynamite to open it.
Here are some of my rewards. Jars of salsa and pickles. It was lots of fun. Today, I cleaned the garden and took most of it down for the winter as we have threats of cold weather (freezing) next week. And, yes, we plan to do more square foot gardening.