Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What do the Viejitos do on Last Night in Mendoza!

They eat lasagne, brownies, and fly paper airplanes! Let me explain. This was a very different transfer. Usually the viejitos (the missionaries going home) have their special dinner with the President on their last night, with a very special testimony meeting. But for various reasons, this was held on Sunday night, and so on Monday, after their exit interviews with the President they had not another thing scheduled for the rest of the day and the evening.

I had expected the two Hermanas to eat with us as they were spending the night there. But they were busy shopping and visiting. . so I decided to just bake a big pan of lasagne that could be eaten any time. During the afternoon, we discovered that two of the Elders had no plans for dinner and really had no place to go. So, hey we can feed two more! So we added two more plates to the table.

We had just started to eat and the door bell rang. There stood two more hungry, going home missionaries with no place to go or eat. So we added two more plates to the table. Now we had the whole group. The lasagne was soon gobbled up and then the fun started.

Everyone made their very best paper airplanes. Every size and description. Mine of course was so original. Then we all went up to the roof and sailed our planes into the night sky. One of mine actually went far enough to land in the tree outside our window. It was so fun! Steve actually is one of the very best paper airplane designers in the whole mission although he was outdone by Hermana Hussey from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Then it was downstairs to have brownies. Hermana Jarvis had made a pan of the most delicious brownies. Then it was visiting! Sharing mission experiences, and finally after much coaxing we got the Elders to leave and we all went to bed, thinking of how to design our next, best paper airplane and the viejitos dreaming of their plane flight home.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Hermana Conference

The conference was held at the Mission Home. The night before all 17 stayed at a hotel and giggled and laughed the whole night. Only twice a year do all the Hermanas get to be together as a total group.

The day started with a craft where they made little jewelry boxes, which were later filled with a pearl necklace, bracelet, and earrings. A gift from the Mission and a remembrance of the talk given by Sister Lindahl, Mission President's wife.

Next it was a tango demonstration. Very awesome, and we all got to learn to dance "elegantly" as the tango is an elegant dance. Our instructors were so much fun, and so graceful.

Hermanas can have fun! Just get them together and it starts.

It is a day of fun, and great inspirational talks, and lots and lots of wonderful food.

Anyone for a back massage? Two started and soon there was a whole chain.
I gave a talk on self Esteem and Health. I focused on "Bloom where you are planted".

Here we are! All the Hermanas of the Mision Mendoza, Argentina. Until next spring when we get to do this again.

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