Sunday, January 17, 2010

P-Day Argentina Style!

I think these grapes are sideways. But yes, it is getting ready for the harvest time here. This was at the home of the family we had our celebration dinner with.

We went golfing with two of the office Elders as a treat to them and us. The Bishop's daughter went with us. It was fun. Real close to the sand trap he is.

Here we are, stopping for a break in the shade.

What Elders do! Nope that is not my butt. They got a really neat shot as the ball went in the hole. It was their first time golfing, and I actually think they beat us. We bet M&M's. So we owe them.

We celebrated real Argentine style with an "Asado". It is a special B-B-Que. Here is Elder Brown getting into the middle of it. It was delicious--chicken, beef, and sausage.

Here is our celebration dinner. All the office Elders came to celebrate with us. Sorry the picture is blurry.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years 2010!

We had a great New Year's Eve. We decided to out to eat, but lo and behold, they do holidays the right way! Nothing, nada, nunca-nothing was open. We did find our favorite chicken restaurant would sell take out things. So we took home a stuffed chicken breast that was so delicious. It was stuffed with ham and cheese. We also got the biggest order of papa fritas (french fries) that we could order, and then a wonderful tossed green salad. We went to the Jarvis's. Oh yes, earlier that day we had picked up a kilo of our three favorite ice cream flavors. So we were ready.
It had been their anniversary just a couple days earlier so we treated them to this wonderful dinner and gave them a small gift for their annivesay.
At midnight we went up on the roof and took in a sight to behold--fireworks at 360 degrees. The whole town was one big fireworks. We were surrounded. I haven't figured out how to get my video on--its not great, but you can hear the noise of the fireworks.

Here is Steve holding on to our "globol" just before we let it go up into the sky. I love these. They are so gently and beautiful. We are trying to figure out a way to bring some home.

There it goes!

Up into the sky. Well, the New Year is here. No Rose Bowl parade or bowl games. But I love the fact that I have a whole New Year to create as I wish--with a few side tracks I am certain.
Happy New Year to all of you.

Our Christmas Celebration!

In Argentina the Christmas Trees are decorated on December 8th. This is the Day of the Virgin Mary. So we are in Argentina, and that is what we did. We loved our tree. We put a string of lights on it and then decorated it with all the ornaments made so lovingly by our Grandchildren. There never was a prettier tree in all of Mendoza.
On Christmas morning, all the office Elders cooked breakfast for us Oldies. You never saw such a feast-grapefruit, waffles with fresh strawberries and whip cream, french toast, scrambled eggs, and somewhere they even found bacon (a little salty-but bacon). It was wonderful.

We had all drawn names and we had a great gift exchange. These are our awesome office Elders.
So our Christmas was wonderful. We did not exchange gifts between Steve and I. We decided instead to give gifts to others. We bought new baptismal clothes for the Mission Office, and we gave money, clothes, and toys to an orphanage.
We missed family, but we had a most wonderful Christmas. One of the best things was spending the day from noon our time until 9pm at night calling family. There is no better gift parents can have than talking to their children. We love you all so much.

Santa Comes to Argentina!

This was the Mission Christmas Party. It was held two days in a row, with half (100) of the missionaries coming on one day, and the other half on the other day. The tables were set, the program was a day to remember from start to finish. it started with the traditional White Elephant gift exchange. You never saw such energy and excitement! That was followed with some fun games, Apostacy (a way to play musical chairs using prophets names) We only broke about 5 chairs as they scrambled to be the last ones in.
Hot Potato, and then some relays. Steve and I were in charge of games. But we had lots of help.
Following the chaos of that, there was a beautiful program of the Nativity. The Elders and Hermanas loved being a part of it. We also sang Chrstmas Carols.

And then after dinner was over, there was a talent show, followed by the guest of honor, Santa himself. Do you think he looks a little familiar?

Each of the missionaries had to get their picture taken with this special guest.

And I even snuck a little kiss onto Santa's cheek. I think he is such a special fellow.

Merry Christmas!