Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It's Fall!

     Our September snow storm melted , and then came the beautiful Fall colors.  The color started high on the tops of the mountains, and then slowly crept down the hills until the whole camp was enveloped in gold, orange, pink, and red.  It was as though a painter had dipped his brush in his paint and created a master piece over night.  What once was shades of green, were now the brilliant colors of His masterpiece.
With the cooler days of Fall, and the absence of so many campers, there was more time to enjoy the beauty around us--time to hike those trails that wind all over the camp. A time for the Sisters to have "girl" time.
Two of my most favorite "hiking buddies"-Karen Smith and Judy Kenyon.
How I love the change of seasons and the wonder of watching the Lord's hand in nature.


MikesDork said...

beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing

sher said...

LOVE Fall and the colors, but my favorite is the smell as you hike through the trees:)