Sunday, November 24, 2013

And Family Came!

A very special time at camp is when the families of the missionaries come to visit.  They can come on weekends when all the other campers are gone. All summer we watched as other families came, and then it was our turn .On labor day weekend, my daughter, Tracy and her family were visiting from Arizona.  They had come for an event in Paul's family, but were able to find time to include us in their visit.  They joined us first of all for church.
Church is held in an outdoor pavilion without walls, windows, or doors.  So bundling up in a blanket is just what you do.
After sacrament meeting, we changed clothes, had a few minutes to catch Grandpa with his newest grandson, Jacob.

It was a good time had by all. So wonderful to be able to share this special time on our mission with our family.  I must admit there were tears in my eyes as their car pulled away.  So thankful for this special day, and the gift of family.


Tracy said...

We are so glad we came. IT was the highlight of the trip for me and my kiddos. We love visiting our missionary grandparents!

MikesDork said...

looks like I blast. I wish we would have been able to come visit. I would say maybe next time but you are all home and warm now!