Saturday, June 23, 2012


When the campers come to the lake and go out on the paddle boats and canoes, there are two rescue boats that are sent out on the lake, one to pick up the campers when they tip over their boats and bring them to shore, and the other boat picks up the over turned canoe and brings it to shore.  I was able to capture Grandpa rescuing a canoe. 

It is very hard work as you can see, and the men have to do it all by themselves.  Sometimes only a small part of the canoe remains above the water.  I think the canoe loves its ride to shore.  Great job, Grandpa!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Day at the Lake!

This is what the lake looks like early in the morning when we first arrive. . .so beautiful and serene.  Then the girls start to arrive.  The air becomes filled with squeels and giggles.  We get life vests on everyone and then they sit and we orient them to what to expect on the lake, which boats to choose, and then . . .

they head for the water and the priesthood launch them into their canoes.Often there are really special things that happen.  The girl in the middle here is blind, and she trusts the other two girls that they will take her for a ride on the lake and not tip over.  She was quite an inspiration.  That took alot of courage for her to do that.

We often have deer that just sit and watch what happens at the lake.  We never get tired of seeing the beautiful critters here on the mountain.