Sunday, April 17, 2011

Grandma Trip!

March found me in Kentucky visiting with Tracy and Paul and their family. What fun! But what a frustrating time I have had trying to share this trip with you on my Blog. So this is a very short blog with few pictures.
One of the reasons I went in March was to celebrate the birthdays of Elizabeth, Rachel, and John.
Not only did we celebrate birthdays, but we had fun just playing and renewing grandma-grandkid friendships. I was able to also let Paul and Tracy celebrate their wedding anniversary by having a night away and a trip to the Louisville temple.
While I was there I was able to see the arrival of a new baby fish, help make "fairy beds", discover the Monticello historical museum with Sarah. Go on walks with John. See the llamas that live on the farm next door. Have family home evenings of roasting marshmallows, and also of playing in the water.
It was Spring in Monticello and the flowers were in bloom. Their home had the prettiest flowers in the neighborhood. Watching Kentucy bloom in the spring was a delight.
At night, after a day of playing, I would fall asleep with a grin on my face, remembering all the fun things we had done and shared.
I love Grandma trips.