Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Christmas Present!

This year for Christmas, we did not exchange presents. Our home remodel was a gift far better than we could even imagine. I wish I could have put a big red bow around our whole house, and around my husband for all his hard work and help. My brother, Kumen also put many long hours building our front porch and roofing our garage. This is a blessing and a whole bunch of dreams coming to life. I now share with you, some of the finished pictures.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas on Temple Square

Hundreds and thousands of lights! It is hard to describe the beauty of it all.

The real beauty and meaning is the Christ Child.

We went with Debbie, Matt and the children. It was a special time to celebrate the Christmas season.

Festival of Trees

Maddie and Jordan with their "crowns".
Each year in Salt Lake a special event is held to raise money for Primary Children's hospital--the Festival of Trees.
Trees are decorated and donated and then people can purchase them and the money goes to the hospital. Most of the trees go for thousand of dollars. There were hundreds.
This tree was especially cute. An Elmo tree. There were so many, you can't really even see them all. There are big trees, and then a whole area of small trees, and then an area of wreaths.
This tree is for Madison. It was all decorated with penguins.
We could have bought this tree and we each would have had our own side. Very fun and creative.
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We Are Thankful!

Thanksgiving was spent in San Diego with Mark and Rachelle and their family. We left our home in Grantsville during a huge storm-very strong winds all the way til Hurricane. We were pulling our little 5th wheel with our new truck, and oh, our truck did not like that wind. But we spent the night in Hurricane--took Cheila and Hunter to dinner--Spaghetti Factory with those wonderful bread sticks.
Then it was to Poway and we camped at Dos Picos Park. Very thankful to have arrived safely. Austin, Kylie, and Kendal took turns spending the night with us. We are so thankful for all of our Grandchildren and for their parents.

Austin's birthday was the day before Thanksgiving. Out to breakfast to celebrate. The best pancakes ever.

Then to the Mormon Batallion Visitor Center. An amazing demonstration of the sacrifices and faith these pioneers had. After the presentation, we all panned for gold.

Our nephew, Chase joined us for dinner and also to the Center. He was so willing to dress up like a Batallion soldier--for real he is a Marine, and we are thankful for him.

Kylie and Kendall playing with glow sticks in the 5th wheel.
We ended our trip being so thankful for all the many blessings God has given us--especially family. Thanks

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