Thursday, March 25, 2010

Goodby to the Jarvis's

This is a wonderful view of the city of Mendoza with the foothills of the Andes in the background. We went to lunch at the Sheratin hotel and ate at a very lovely restuarant on the 17th floor. It was perfect! Quiet, a wonderful last adventure with our dear friends the Jarvis's.
Here we are! And I had to poke Steve to wake him up. Just kidding. The wine glasses are filled with "water sin gas" (non-carbonated) and "water con gas" (carbonated water). You can tell it was not busy. In fact we were their only customers while we were there. The service was excellent!

Here are our great friends the Jarvis's. They are from Heber, Utah. So when we go home, they will be not too far away. We already miss them. It is way lonely without them down stairs. They really made being on the mission a great experience.

Here is our table, and the view is just beautiful.
Us and the Jarvis's. "Til We Meet" has great meaning!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The "Sonda" Wind!

The "Sonda" wind comes down out of the Andes, totally unannounced. All of a sudden, huge gusts of wind come blowing ahead of it dust, dirt, and often followed by rain and hail. Last night, just as we got in bed, the wind came.

We could tell it was really strong. But we live in the 3rd little pig house made all of brick. So it blew and blew and we were safe and sound. When we got up this morning, this is the damage on our street.

The power lines were all over the yard and drive way next to the mission office. But, lo and behold we still had power. Made me wonder about the people who do not live in the brick houses like ours.

We just wait now, until another one comes. If ye are prepared, ye need not fear. Don't worry, Be Happy!