Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Join us at the Mendoza Zoo!

Join us for a trip to the zoo! This was our wedding anniversary adventure. We took the afternoon off and just spent the day, just the two of us at this very beautiful zoo. We hiked up and down hills, and followed the road to discover all these wonderful creations of god.

We especially thought the grandkids would like to see some of these amazing, fun animals. There were many, many more, but these are some of our favorite pictures.
Thanks to Kasey for helping me get this slide show on the blog! Kasey, did I do it right?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our New Apartment

Here are the stairs leading up into our apartment. We live on the second floor, but in Argentina the first floor is called Planta Baja--then the second floor becomes the first floor--go figure, the third floor becomes the 2nd floor etc. There are three floors in our building. This winding staircase goes all the way up. We even have an elevator, but we don't use it too often as sometimes it doesn't work and we would hate to be stuck there. On our top floor there is a roof patio called a terrazo. Ours doesn't have any patio furniture. It is fun to go up there at night and look at the stars and the city. There is no big dipper down here. It is a sky of all different stars. We are learning to find the Southern Cross. It is real tempting to want to throw water balloons down on everyone. So far we have resisted the urge. Sometines I go up there to the roof and exercise in the morning.

This is looking in from our front door. We bought a big red couch. We feel so daring. We like it alot.

This is on the other side of the living room, it is our dining room, looking into the kitchen. Whoops! I don't have any pictures of the kitchen . It is alot bigger than our other one. The stove and the fridge are the same size--tiny.
This is our fun bathroom. We even have a real tub, not very common down here. They don't put vanities in the bathrooms, so you just have to carry stuff into the bathroom and then out when you finish. We do have another bath, a very small half bath. It is so small, I think a very big person would not even be able to squeeze in.
We have two bedrooms. Our bedroom and then a smaller one that we are using to house the hermanas (sister missionaries when they need a place to stay. That is the best experience ever. So far we have had 5 guests. Later this month they are having a Sister's Conference for the Hermanas and we will have 4 at our house for the night before the conference.
We love our apartment. We are just right above the Jarvis's (the other senior couple) In fact our kitchen window is right above theirs, so when we need something we just holler out the winddow and send it by "window mail". They are great neighbors and its a great comfort to know they are so close.
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